Terms & Conditions

All Bracelets are Custom Made by Diana Per the Client's Instructions, therefore Bracelets are not able to be returned.  

Important Things to Know About Your Purchase
* Do not submerge any Bracelet in water.  Clean with a very slightly damp cloth, if needed.  
* Do not have Velcro anywhere near the Bracelet.
When storing bracelets between uses, you should place it in the bag it came with or in a jewelry box by itself.  Each bead is sewn onto the leather with thread and you need to avoid items catching on the thread.  If that does occur, a small amount of clear glue placed on the thread and yarn will set the yarn in place again. 
Real Turquoise is only used when noted.
Over time, White and Colored Leather may wear slightly at the button hole site.  The "Natural" Leathers do not have this type of wearing.

All Payments are made at time of order.

This is very important to me and your information is not shared or sold.